Crystal Candle - Lavender & Ocean Mist
Crystal Candle - Lavender & Ocean Mist
Crystal Candle - Lavender & Ocean Mist
Crystal Candle - Lavender & Ocean Mist

Crystal Candle - Lavender & Ocean Mist

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This Crystal candle is infused with an intoxicating lavender scent and beautiful purple amethyst to help remove negative energy and create a stress free environment. This scent contains an aroma of a breezy, untouched coastline blooming with soothing lavender, salt sprayed wildflowers and green ocean moss. This blend of mixed crystals and aromas create a grounding yet uplifting candle for your space.

Crystal Meanings


This purple stone is said to be incredibly healing and purifying. It can help dispose of negative thoughts and bring about an inner peace. It also aids in sleep, dreams, hormone production, and to relieve pain and stress. This is the perfect stone to have in your house to promote peace both mental and physical.

Clear Quartz: 

The “Master Healer” crystal. This crystal aids in boosting the immune system and providing balance in your home and body. This stone is often paired with others to help amplify their abilities.


All candles are handmade and hand-poured by Oak and Ash making them unique and one of a kindCrystals may vary slightly from the photo.

  • Size: 5" w x 3" h

  • Wax fill: 22oz

  • Vegan wax blend

  • 100% natural coconut and soy wax blend

  • Toxin, Paraben, gluten, and phthalate-free

  • FDA approved wax

Candle Care:

  • Make sure to let the candle and crystals completely cool before taking crystals out of the candle.

  • Wooden wicks need to be trimmed in order for them to perform at their best. Keep the wick trimmed at about 1/8”. If the wick is too long it will not be able to draw wax and will result in a poor flame.

  • Also, ash needs to be knocked off the candle to prevent soot from building up in your candle.

  • Ensure that the candle burns for the full diameter of the candle. This helps prevent tunneling which can impact how well the candle burns.